The rise and fall of iridium

Brushing up HBR fundamentals will provide a strong base for investigative reading. Often readers scan through the business case study without having a clear map in mind.

The rise and fall of iridium

This case describes the development and subsequent failure of Iridium.

The rise and fall of iridium

Iridium was a satellite-based communications system initially developed by Motorola and then spun off as a separate company. Using its constellation of 66 low earth-orbit satellites, the Iridium system was intended to provide reliable communications from virtually any point on the globe.

On November 1,Iridium began commercial telephone service and satellite-paging service began two weeks later. However, a variety of problems plagued the company and by May Iridium had only 10, subscribers. In AugustIridium defaulted on its debt and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

In Marchwith only 50, subscribers, Iridium terminated its services. This case explores the following issues: Creating strategy under high levels of technological uncertainty.

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The risks associated with being a first mover. The risks associated with making tradeoffs to develop new products. How to manage strategic failure. Impact of changing standards. The importance of implementation and attention to detail in startups.2 identified.” – Chris Chaney, Analyst, A.G.

Edwards, “Iridium is likely to be some of the most expensive space debris ever.” – William Kidd, Analyst. The Rise and Fall of Iridium Case Solution,The Rise and Fall of Iridium Case Analysis, The Rise and Fall of Iridium Case Study Solution, SECTION NO: 1 KEY DECISIONS TAKEN BY IRIDIUM There are many several key decisions taken by the IRIDIUM Company in order to stimulate its growth and its ove.

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Rise and fall of Iridium Iridium was a giant telecommunication company, which was conceptualized in the late 80 with the aim of enhancing global communication through satellite phones. Iridium management allowed its systems department to develop products while at the same time seeking to raise finances through investors prior to .

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