The chrysalids character analysis

Allan discovered Sophie had six toes when David and Sophie were fishing for shrimps. This led the Wenders to flee Waknuk.

The chrysalids character analysis

Plot summary[ edit ] The inhabitants of post-apocalypse Labrador have vague knowledge The chrysalids character analysis the "Old People", a technologically advanced civilisation they believe was destroyed when God sent " Tribulation The chrysalids character analysis to the world to punish their forebears' sins.

The inhabitants practise a form of fundamentalist Christianity; they believe that to follow God's word and prevent another Tribulation, they must preserve absolute normality among the surviving humans, plants and animals, and therefore practice eugenics.

Humans with even minor mutations are considered blasphemies and either killed or sterilised and banished to the Fringes, a lawless and untamed area rife with animal and plant mutations.

Arguments occur over the keeping of a tailless cat or the possession of oversized horses. These are deemed by the government to be legitimate breeds, either preexisting or achieved through conventional breeding.

The government's position is considered both cynical and heretical by many of the orthodox frontier community. The inland rural settlement of Waknuk is a frontier farming community, populated with hardy and pious individuals.

David Strorm, the son of Waknuk's most religious man, has dreams of large cities and horseless carts. He makes friends with Sophie, a girl who secretly has six toes on each foot.

Later, Sophie's family attempts to escape from the reprisals ceremonies where blasphemies are sterilized because she was discovered by a local boy. David and other children in Waknuk hide their mutation: David's Uncle Axel, who knew about the group from talking to David about his telepathy when he was young, protects them from persecution.

Axel kills the husband of one of the group the boy who told the Inspectors about Sophie because he was going to blackmail the telepaths to the Inspectors. Some of the group almost get exposed when David's younger sister Petra cries out to the other telepaths mentally for help when a large catlike creature attacks her horse while she was riding into the forest.

Later, two telepaths, Katherine and Sally, are captured and tortured for information, while David, his cousin Rosalind, and Petra go to the Fringes. A telepath named Michael stays behind to throw off the people who are tracking the telepaths.

A group of men from several districts chase them. The group includes Michael, who is trying to lead them off the trail. Later, with Petra's strong telepathic abilities, they contact a society with telepaths in a different country, called "Sealand" New Zealand.

With Sophie's help, who is living in the Fringes, David, Rosalind and Petra escape the group hunting them and are rescued by a Sealand expedition. Unfortunately, they do not have enough fuel to take the craft back to Waknuk to pick up Rachel so they continue to Sealand.

Michael stays in Waknuk to save Rachel from the Inspectors.

The chrysalids character analysis

Tribulation[ edit ] Though the nature of "Tribulation" is not explicitly stated, it is implied that it was a nuclear holocaustboth by the mutations and by the stories of sailors who report blackened, glassy wastes to the south-west where the remains of faintly glowing cities can be seen presumably the east coast of the US.

Sailors venturing too close to these ruins experience symptoms consistent with radiation sickness. A woman from Sealand, a character with evident knowledge of the Old People's technology, mentions "the power of gods in the hands of children".

Major characters[ edit ] David Strorm is the narrator of the story. David is one of a small group of youngsters who can communicate with each other via telepathy. However, their community's theological prejudice against anyone who is abnormal means he and the others must keep their abilities carefully hidden.

David and Rosalind's love for each other is kept secret from their parents because of a bitter feud between their families.

The chrysalids character analysis

Sophie Wender is a young girl born with six toes on one of her feet. Sophie lives with her parents in an isolated cottage somewhere north-west of Waknuk, her deviation from the "norm" keeping her from associating with other children.

She befriends David after he discovers her secret but promises not to reveal it. Joseph Strorm is the father of David and Petra. He is a domineering personality, deeply religious and unyielding on the subject of mutations and blasphemy, even punishing David severely for an unintentionally blasphemous remark about "needing an extra hand" to apply a bandage.

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Uncle Axel is a widely travelled former sailor, open-minded and willing to question conventional religious precepts. Upon discovering David's telepathy, he counsels caution and extracts a promise that David take great care not to allow others to learn of his mutation.

Petra Strorm is the youngest of the Strorm children. The group of telepaths discovers that her ability is extraordinarily strong and difficult to resist, placing the group at greater risk of discovery.David Storm- David Storm is the main character who can telepathically send image thoughts to a group of people.

Petra Storm- Petra Storm is David`s and Mary`s little sister who has astounding telepathic abilities unlike any other known so far. Mary Storm- Mary is the daughter of Joseph and Emily Storm and the sister of David and her . In The Chrysalids, David lives in a post-apocalyptic world where all mental and physical abnormalities are ritualistically purged.

After being outed as psychics, David and his friends flee to the. David Storm- David Storm is the main character who can telepathically send image thoughts to a group of people.

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Petra Storm - Petra Storm is David`s and Mary`s little sister who has astounding telepathic abilities unlike any other known so far.

Jan 11,  · David Strorm – Character Development / Analysis; David Strorm – Character Development / Analysis Posted: January 11, by jswitz in Uncategorized. 6. David Strorm in the novel, The Chrysalids, is the main character.

He learns at a very young age that he is different from most people. He has the ability of thought shapes. Character Analysis of Abu in The Upheaval Essay CONSCIENCE KEEPER OF THE VILLAGE IN “THE UPHEAVAL” TYBA Goan Writing Professor Sandhya Joseph Celima Paulina Fernandes Shaunna Marion Fernandes ABSTRACT This assignment looks at the work of Pundalik Naik and the research draws up upon a character, Abu who is called as the conscience keeper of the village.

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