Sundays reading writing and arithmetic vinyl fencing

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Sundays reading writing and arithmetic vinyl fencing

Then when this farm came on the market that was a big step for us; that doubled us up. The cost of buying marshland was certainly an attraction.

We visited Charles Wharton and saw what he was doing on his marshes; growing exceedingly good crops and we thought perhaps we could bring it back to our marshes.

We started getting involved in ploughing up the marshes at this time.

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We ploughed all this grass flagland, which was very difficult the first year, because you can imagine the thickness of the old grass. When we went into it full time we put in a big drainage scheme, where we could keep a low water level for the arable side, but we had to put damns in for the grazing cattle.

So that was a big big event for us and quite costly. Then we decided to drain the marshes we cropped. So the cows moved up from the Oaklands in Our herd now is nearly up to and we could quite easily at the next stage go up to Again the same old thing; we never stand still.

I love the breed. They produce very very good bull calves. Some of my cows now have to walk a mile after milking. The marsh grazing now is nearly all cows. The calves we always sold just as they were born; the bull calves. We rear every heifer calf and we pick what we want for replacements.


Chicken unit at Oaklands Farm The chickens are at the Oaklands. Conservation vs ploughing marshland When the ESA came into the scene; they wanted to stop the cultivation of marshes. They wanted us to go back to grass and the biggest problem was that we were never allowed to put enough cows on per acre stocking rate.

They wanted it low and the worst thing you can do with grass is under-stock it; it just goes back to reeds and native grasses and spoils the whole job. I feel that coming in was a complete disaster and it never suited us. Ploughing up the marshes Philip Clarke Effect of ploughing marshes on the peat layer When we first ploughed the marshes in the 60s, as you can imagine, over the years there was a lovely peat under this grass flag before you got to the clay; all fertility and we ploughed this up and wanted to mix the peat with the clay.

Well the idea was good, but it never came off. What happened was the peat oxidised and actually disappeared before we got the benefit of the mixing with the clay. So in the latter years of growing wheat down there, we just had a bed of clay and that was getting harder and harder to get a seed bed.

Because the peat had gone, the yields were decreasing and the soil structure was not good.

sundays reading writing and arithmetic vinyl fencing

Not only that, our concentration is on milking cows, so we made the decision to let Croxley Farms contract-farm it. Highs and lows of farming life I think the most exciting times were when we were ploughing up the marshes and everyone was looking for high yields. The first wheats we grew down on the marsh; Maris Huntsman that was producing two ton an acre, very closely behind that there was a hybrid called Maris Hobbit, and we suddenly went from two ton to three ton and we thought this was absolutely marvellous.

Also there was the buzz out of expanding. BSE was a terrible time; that was a low point in the farm.


We were milking cows and this come on the scene and we thought we may not see anything like this, but we had one case on the farm. So we had the cows tested and in the end I think we had to have roundabout 50 cows put down.

That would be cows and the cohorts. Thank goodness that job has finished now. We want to expand that side of the business for the premium market. My sister, Margaret, she handles the chicken enterprise.

On the dairy side we employ a head herdsman and a second man and then the rest of the labour on the farm will be casual, as and when required.


A farmer never retires As a farmer you never retire. Margaret … Click here to listen to Margaret: Working as a farm secretary, then back home at Oaklands farm During my time as a farm secretary, I was still very much involved with the farm.Gazetteer of Southern Vowels This site was created to allow you to interact with data extracted from the Digital Archive of Southern Speech.

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the. The Fresno Bee The Republican from Fresno, California · Page 12 Emphasizing reading, writing skills, grammar, composition, arithmetic, study skills.

Guarantee Finest flexible vinyl. Writing works best, especially if you can cop some stationery from a newspaper or publishing house.

Tell them you will be writing a feature story for some magazine on the tourist spots or . What I am going to attempt in this document is to write down the memories of my life and how they interact with my relatives and friends throughout this life.

While I am writing some of my memories I will add some technical points. Whenever I was called to the black-board to perform my arithmetic or other subjects, I was embarrassed to.

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