Research paper over volleyball

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Research paper over volleyball

Through lowintensity exercise you are able to assist in the removal of lactic acid build up in the muscles. This will also assist in the injury prevention process. There does; however, need to be an education of the players in the correct techniques.

The use of stretching and low intensity exercise should be used and modified according to individual and team needs. Massaging is also considered an integral part of the recovery process. Athletes can select between self-massage, tennis balls, volleyball massage, as well as using the services of teammates or a masseur.

There is a need for athletes to ensure that they continue to hydrate during the game in order to optimize performance. It is therefore important to introduce the players to a drinking plan. Athletes need to individualize their drinking plan Hydration plans are best calculated during training.

However, there needs to be some consideration to the contrast in work rate and intensity between training and games. This also needs to be based on the amount of playing time the athlete has during the game often different to training. This is important for athletes who have difficulty ingesting sports drinks.

Periodic monitoring should be conducted to ensure that athletes are meeting their fluid requirements during training. Athletes should weigh themselves before and after training in order to ascertain fluid loss during an intense period of exercise.

Each kg lost during the exercise period is approximately equivalent to 1 litre of lost fluid. If the athlete has consumed 1 litre of fluid during session that equates to 2 litres of fluid lost. Particularly in the first 3 hours after exercise. Continued replenishment should occur up to 24 hours after exercise.

Address glycogen levels by consuming carbohydrate foods or carbohydrate drinks in the time period immediately following exercise. The first 2 hours is seen as a time period where the body is at its highest peak to replenish glycogen. Protein should also constitute part of the fuel replacement cycle.

It therefore forms a critical part of this process. It is also important for the rebuilding of amino acids. During the exercise process the body will lose a considerable amount of sodium through perspiration.

Sodium is important in the process of rehydration. Consideration also needs to be given to what resources are available to address this fuel replacement. Protein uptake is generally more effective if balanced with carbohydrate replacement. The use of carbohydrate-protein food is therefore seen as the best alternative.

Often some athletes may not be conditioned to consuming foods straight after exercise. Alternatively energy drinks are quite often seen as an easily digested method of fuel replacement. Most athletes that are being dealt with have lean body mass and high energy demands.

The balance between carbohydrate, protein and fat should be measured. This is an effective method of increasing blood flow as well stimulating the CNS. The methods used will possibly affect the type of stimulation that will occur. Low level of stimulation will generally only stimulate surface blood flow and not deep muscle blood flow.

This is also important for injury recovery as it helps stop inflammation. Depending on the resources and time frame there are a number of methods to consider.

This can easily be done back at hotel rooms that have a bath. This can be filled up with cold water and ice and athletes can sit in the bath. At a minimum, athletes should immerse their lower body.

Athletes should not submerge above their heads.International Journal of Volleyball Research. The USA Volleyball Sports Medicine and Performance Commission (SMPC) selected a new editorial team for the continuation of the journal in December, As a result, the journal is again alive and well, now in electronic form.

As editor, I wish to. - Volleyball is a game which consists of teams of six which rally a ball over a net. Although anyone can play volleyball, sociologists have used a tool which displays how an individual decides to participate by exploring socio-cultural factors that can influence equity and access within sport.

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Research paper over volleyball

Free volleyball papers, essays, and research papers. Over the past 20 years, Volleyball has evolved from a simple, fun and recreational sport to a more appealing, more sexualized version, beach volleyball. As a result of this evolution, beach volleyball has received a vast improvement in popularity, especially amongst a male audience.

The purpose of this paper is because I am out of gym because I got hurt playing volleyball. The serve is the action that puts the ball into play. This is done by standing behind the end line and overhand or underhand the ball over the net.

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