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Joseph was a Quaker and Frances an Anglican. Paine researchers contend his father's occupation has been widely misinterpreted to mean that he made the stays in ladies' corsets, which likely was an insult later invented by his political foes.

There, he became a master stay-maker, establishing a shop in Sandwich, Kent. His business collapsed soon after. Mary became pregnant; and, after they moved to Margateshe went into early labor, in which she and their child died.

On August 27,he was dismissed as an Excise Officer for "claiming to have inspected goods he did not inspect". On July 31,he requested his reinstatement from the Board of Excise, which they granted the next day, upon vacancy. While awaiting that, he worked as a stay-maker. Again, he was making stay ropes for shipping, not stays for corsets.

Later he asked to leave this post to await a vacancy, and he became a schoolteacher in London. He appears in the Town Book as a member of the Court Leet, the governing body for the town.

He was also a member of the parish vestryan influential local church group whose responsibilities for parish business would include collecting taxes and tithes to distribute among the poor. On March 26,at age 34, he married Elizabeth Ollive, his landlord's daughter.

In springhe was again dismissed from the excise service for being absent from his post without permission; quill writing and grammar prentice tobacco shop failed, too. On April 14, to avoid debtors' prisonhe sold his household possessions to pay debts.

On June 4,he formally separated from his wife Elizabeth and moved to London, where, in September, mathematician, Fellow of the Royal Society, and Commissioner of the Excise George Lewis Scott introduced him to Benjamin Franklin[20] who suggested emigration to British colonial America, and gave him a letter of recommendation.

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The ship's water supplies were bad and typhoid fever killed five passengers. On arriving at Philadelphia, he was too sick to disembark. Benjamin Franklin's physician, there to welcome Paine to America, had him carried off ship; Paine took six weeks to recover.

He became a citizen of Pennsylvania "by taking the oath of allegiance at a very early period". Common Sense pamphlet Paine has a claim to the title The Father of the American Revolution, [23] [24] which rests on his pamphlets, especially Common Sense, which crystallized sentiment for independence in It was published in Philadelphia on January 10,and signed anonymously "by an Englishman".

It became an immediate success, quickly spreadingcopies in three months to the two million residents of the 13 colonies. During the course of the American Revolution, a total of aboutcopies were sold, including unauthorized editions. It was passed around and often read aloud in taverns, contributing significantly to spreading the idea of republicanism, bolstering enthusiasm for separation from Britain, and encouraging recruitment for the Continental Army.

Paine provided a new and convincing argument for independence by advocating a complete break with history. Common Sense is oriented to the future in a way that compels the reader to make an immediate choice. It offers a solution for Americans disgusted with and alarmed at the threat of tyranny.

Whereas colonial resentments were originally directed primarily against the king's ministers and Parliament, Paine laid the responsibility firmly at the king's door.

Common Sense was the most widely read pamphlet of the American Revolution. It was a clarion call for unity against the corrupt British court, so as to realize America's providential role in providing an asylum for liberty.

Written in a direct and lively style, it denounced the decaying despotisms of Europe and pilloried hereditary monarchy as an absurdity.

At a time when many still hoped for reconciliation with Britain, Common Sense demonstrated to many the inevitability of separation. To achieve these ends, he pioneered a style of political writing suited to the democratic society he envisioned, with Common Sense serving as a primary example.

Part of Paine's work was to render complex ideas intelligible to average readers of the day, with clear, concise writing unlike the formal, learned style favored by many of Paine's contemporaries. Adams disagreed with the type of radical democracy promoted by Paine that men who did not own property should still be allowed to vote and hold public office and published Thoughts on Government in to advocate a more conservative approach to republicanism.

He synthesized various philosophical and political uses of the term in a way that permanently impacted American political thought.

He used two ideas from Scottish Common Sense Realism: Paine also used a notion of "common sense" favored by philosophes in the Continental Enlightenment. They held that common sense could refute the claims of traditional institutions.Quelling writing problems with Quill; Quelling writing problems with Quill.

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quill writing and grammar prentice

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quill writing and grammar prentice

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