Heavy machinery

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Heavy machinery

This reliance on heavy industry is typically a matter of government economic policy. Among Japanese and Korean firms with "heavy industry" in their names, many are also manufacturers of aerospace products and defense contractors to their respective countries' governments such as Japan's Fuji Heavy Industries and Korea's Hyundai Rotema joint project of Hyundai Heavy Industries and Daewoo Heavy Industries.

This was motivated by fears of failing to maintain military parity with foreign capitalist powers. For example, the Soviet Union's manic industrialization in the swith heavy industry as the favored emphasis, sought to bring its ability to produce trucks, tanks, artillery, aircraft, and warships up to a level that would make the country a great power.

Heavy machinery

China under Mao Zedong pursued a similar strategy, eventually culminating in the Great Leap Forward of —, an attempt to rapidly industrialize and collectivize.

This allows industries with heavy impacts on environment, infrastructure, and employment to be sited with forethought.

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For example, the zoning restrictions for landfills usually take into account the heavy truck traffic that will exert expensive wear on the roads leading to the landfill. The American Economic Review.The Cat heavy equipment line includes over machines such as excavators and dozers. Check out our full line of heavy machinery!

As parent company of VLI, Taiyuan Heavy Industry (TYHI/TZ) is the first ranked company in China’s heavy-duty machinery industry. It was established in and now has a total area of over 10 million square meters’ workshops and offices, employees and an annual sales volume up to .

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Heavy machinery

IUOE and all IUOE local union/employer training trust funds combined spent over $ million on training in Clearly, an annual investment of this size shows how firmly IUOE local unions and IUOE signatory contractors believe in maintaining a well-trained, safe and productive work force.

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