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Posted by Jeremy Goldkorn on Friday, April 18, at On April 9, at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, two high-profile student 'protests' for and against Tibetan independence took place. Wang is a student at Duke University.

To the shock of many Chinese students at Duke and also at home in China, Wang was protesting for some kind of middle-ground between the foreign pro-Tibetan independence group and the Chinese anti-Tibetan independence group.

Global Voices Online has transcribed a letter from a friend of Wang's at Duke, dated April 15, stating that her parents' residence in Qingdao has been attacked by rocks, and that they are in hiding.

Certain netizens expressed doubt as to whether Wang's motive was to support Tibetan independence, instead saying it was more akin to self-promotion.

Compare contrast guess s coming dinner guess old movies ma

Some commentators asked why she did not speak in Chinese when she was making the public statement on the Duke campus on April 9 instead, using "broken English"saying that her purpose was to show off to foreign students, as well as foreign media, such as NPR who supposedly interviewed her there.

There was some support of Wang though: How could you cover her doorstep with a pot of faeces — using this kind of rough and uncivilized method to object?


The FBI are said to be involved after Wang has received online and offline threats. Wang wrote an email to the Duke Chinese Students and Scholars Association on the day of the April 9 protest, and has since participated in discussions about it on campus.

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