Cambridge ielts 6 writing answers in complete

The answer is in the first sentence of the first paragraph where the writer states that it is unjustified that networking is considered a modern concept. The answer is in the last sentence of the first paragraph. You need to read the end of the sentence, … and not just in the business world.

Cambridge ielts 6 writing answers in complete

Candidates who have too much difficulty in finding the answers and explaining the answers for the reading module, this post may be a guide to how best and quick you can find the answers and how easily you can apply them in your next test.

This will help you as a step-by-step process and clarify if you have any confusion. The Risks agriculture faces in developing countries Question identifying information: This question asks you to find information from the passage and write the number of the paragraph A, B, C or D …. Rather, you should answer all the other questions first.


For this passage, first, answer question 4- After finishing with these questions, come to question And just like List of Headings, only read the first two lines or last two lines of the expected paragraph initially. If you find the answers, you need not read the middle part.

Keywords for the answer: The rest of the paragraph is about food only. So, by placing the word distinguish here, the writer means that these two things only apply to food production. So, the answer is: Now, many candidates will think it says farming problems of the whole world. Go through the next lines.

cambridge ielts 6 writing answers in complete

It takes time, effort ……. H Question matching statements with list of people: This question asks you to match the given statements with the list of people in the box below the question.

Here, there are names of six agriculturists who have made different statements in the passage.

cambridge ielts 6 writing answers in complete

First, find the main keyword of the question from the passage and then match other supporting keywords. Then, you can decide which person has made the selected statement.

Read the instructions for the questions carefully.

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Financial assistance from the government does not always go to the farmers who most need it. Here, farmers are not rich. Farmers can benefit from collaborating as a group. Financial assistance from the government can improve the standard of living of farmers. Farmers may be helped if there is financial input by the same individuals who buy from them.

Governments can help to reduce variation in prices. Just focus on the words and phrases in the last three lines of paragraph D. Improvements to infrastructure can have a major impact on risk for farmers. In lines 3, 4, 5 and 6, you find talks about improvements of infrastructures like roads, water, and food storage facilities etc.

Also, here are other phrases which match with the question. A Question Multiple choice questions for two answers:Introduction. Cambridge IELTS 13 contains four authentic IELTS examination papers from Cambridge Assessment English, providing excellent exam practice.

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Time yourself and develop your technique. — Cambridge IELTS 13 Academic Student's Book with Answers Authentic Examination Papers In questions where you are expected to complete a gap, you should only transfer the Writing The sample answers are on pages It .

This blog is made to upload my IELTS writing samples; and to share information about Academic English language that I have learned over the years. These outputs are not graded by IELTS professionals so no band scores are mentioned except in other essays where I used an online IELTS writing checking service.

IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 is the second of two writing tasks on the IELTS.

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Even though Task 1 is by no means easy, most students find IELTS Writing Task 2 more challenging. Learn about how your IELTS writing test is students ask me if writing task 1 and task 2 are worth the same points and how the examiner gives a final total score.

This page will explain how your score is calculated for IELTS writing.

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